Marching Forward

The film explores a story of unity in 1964 segregated Orlando, when one white high school marching band (Edgewater High School) and one black high school marching band (Jones High School) were invited to perform at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.

From the “Marching Foward” website

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The feature length documentary film, produced by the Honors Advanced Documentary Workshop Class at UCF with Faculty advisors Lisa Mills and Robert Cassanello, included a collaboration with Cheryl Briggs and the inaugural cohort of the Emerging Media: Animation & VFX MFA. We were tasked with producing animated reconstructions of certain events depicted by interviewees. As a class, we designed, built, and animated certain reenactments to supplement the live action.

For my part, I built an opening postcard to introduce the location and schools involved and an illustration of a marching band diagram.

Marching band diagram
City and school introduction

Later, I was contracted to revise and create additional animation sequences to supplement work done by the cohort.

Instrument in the attic
Segregation at a diner