Ouroboros Poster

Beginning in 2017, I started developing the concept for this short animated film as part of my graduate studies at the University of Central Florida. Based on my personal experiences, Ouroboros is a visual exploration of the journey through mental illness and identity reconciliation. Centering around the experiences of Dysphoria and her web-like cocoon of a world, the story traverses through the process of dissociation, dismantling of harmful coping mechanisms, mourning, and reconciliation of self into a unified identity. This experimental digital short draws influence from personal experience, German and Abstract Expressionism, philosophical identity politics, and scientific research.

The concept is grounded in the idea of internal conflict and the war between perception and expectation, between what society dictates as acceptable and how you contort yourself to fit that definition. By utilizing the unique physical properties of animation, I was able to portray the struggle with mental illness symbolically through a medium that promotes an elevated willingness to suspend disbelief as the laws of nature are bent or outright broken.

Completed in April 2020, the film is now making its way around the festival circuit.


  • Bronze Award for Best Animation Short for April 2020 – Independent Shorts Awards
  • Honorable Mention for Best Sound Design for April 2020 – Independent Shorts Awards
  • Best Student Short for May 2020 – Bridge Fest
  • Outstanding Achievement for May 2020 – Berlin Flash Film Festival
  • 2nd Best Student Short Film for May 2020 – CKF International Film Festival


  • Student Short Short, Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival, June 2020
  • Animation, FLICKFAIR, June 2020
  • Student Film, Prague International Monthly Film Festival, May 2020
  • Special Jury Award, Anatolian Short Film Festival, June 2020


  • Best Student Film, Couch Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Summer 2020
  • Best Animation – Super Short Film, Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Summer 2020

Official Selections:

  • Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles, California, April 2020
  • Mojo Film Festival, Australia, 2020
  • Bridge Fest, Vancouver, BC, May 2020
  • Prague International Monthly Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2020
  • Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest, Naples, Italy, May 2020
  • Berlin Flash Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, May 2020
  • UK Monthly Film Festival, Norwich, Norfolk, April/May 2020
  • New Cinema – Lisbon Monthly Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2020
  • CKF International Film Festival, Swindon, England, May 2020
  • FROSTBITE International Indie Fest, Colorado Springs, Colorado, May 2020
  • Life Screenings International Short Film Festival, Clermont, Florida, June 2020
  • Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, June 2020
  • Miami Independent Film Festival – Monthly Edition, Miami, Florida, June 2020
  • Anatolian Short Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2020
  • Long Story Shorts International Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, June 2020
  • American Golden Picture International Film Festival, Jacksonville, Florida, July 2020
  • Screen Power Film Festival, England, 2020
  • Super F!?ked Up Online Film Festival, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2020
  • Geelong International Film Festival, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 2020
  • Central Florida Film Festival, Tavares, Florida, 2021