Positive Parenting Fables

A collaboration between professors Cheryl Briggs and Tyler Fisher of the University of Central Florida, this project was created with the aim of teaching new parent positive parenting tips as established by the CDC. Funded by a grant from the Pabst Steinmetz Foundation, this modern twist to the classic fable narrative employed students and faculty in a cross-collaboration within the Collage of Arts and Humanities between the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures and the School of Visual Art & Design.

Remarkably, due to the project’s extremely tight timeline and University employment restrictions, it was fully animated in 6 weeks with 7 animators working 28 hours max per week.

Each video was translated into three languages: English, Spanish, and Creole.

My responsibilities included:
Asst. Animation Director, Art Director, Story Editor, Title/Credit Design, Film Editor, Compositor, Digital VFX, Layout (Vector), Character Design, Environment Design, and Vector Animator for “Be fully present”.

We utilized a hybrid animation technique, incorporating drawn 2D animation into vector animation to make a visual distinction between dream/negative and reality/positive.