Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching is firmly rooted in the desire to prepare students for a fulfilling career in the animation industry while encouraging individual growth by instilling a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Existing uniquely as a hybrid specialization that utilizes concepts from computer science and fine art, I stress the importance of maintaining a nuanced balance between creative expression and technical proficiency. Specifically, I focus on three key areas: curriculum, individual growth, and continuing education.


My objective is to reinforce a balanced approach by facilitating the development of a personal artistic perspective while introducing the necessary technical skills related to software through a team-based framework. Within this mock studio structure, students contribute work from within their chosen specialties collectively to collaborative milestones. By utilizing a combination of individual assignments and group activities, I cultivate leadership, problem-solving, and effective communication skills through group interaction, peer critique, and presentation. Students are assessed through attendance, class participation, concept comprehension, and projects, further reinforcing personal responsibility.

Individual Growth   

Professionally, my focus is on the personal growth and intellectual evolution of each student. By fostering an environment of open discourse and mutual respect, my students learn how to navigate difficult interpersonal situations with professionalism and compassion.

I approach introductions to this specialization through observational exercises, boosting critical thinking through active participation in internal and external exploration. By understanding the genesis of artistic expression through historical, cultural, and psychological research, individuals learn to develop richly complex narratives.

Additionally, the reputation and scope of the program’s success are reinforced throughout the industry through the proper preparation of students to enter the workforce as innovators and leaders.

Continuing Education

Committed to continuing education, I maintain knowledge of the current trends, techniques, and technologies as they evolve within the industry. As an educator, I am responsible for properly preparing students for seamless integration into the studio pipeline by providing accurate instruction based on up-to-date information.